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Noterro is an online clinic management tool for Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and other health care providers.

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Your app.
A better way to connect with your patients.

Your patient portal from Noterro offers everything from clinic info and forms, to appointments - it's better way to connect with your patients

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Your biggest practice management problems solved for good.

  • Have overly complicated clinic management systems left you feeling tense?

  • Is your practice drowning in a sea of papers that you promised you’d organize...someday?

  • Are you unable to access your patient files when you need them (especially if you work at multiple locations)?

  • Wishing you could spend more face time with your patients instead of working at your desk?

If clinic chaos is getting in the way of your best work, you need Noterro.

Noterro is designed to streamline your practice without straining your staff or your budget. Take detailed SOAP Notes, set up online booking, collect payments, and manage every aspect of your practice from one web app.

"Great program. Love that everything is in one place."

"It's a very well thought through system, saving me time and steps so I can focus on the parts of my business and my life I really enjoy."

Christine S.

Registered Massage Therapist
Source: Capterra

On the daily, you’re taking care of patients like only you can. Now it’s time for Noterro to take care of your practice.

  1. Sign up for your FREE 30 day trial

  2. Import your patient list and add practitioners in minutes

  3. Start charting, billing, and scheduling patients inside ONE web app

  4. Book a demo to see Noterro's coolest, timesaving features in action

  5. Never go back to paper or bloated, complicated software again.

With Noterro, it’s easy to live your best clinic life.

"Amazing! I have no need for an intense physical filing system, so far! And as my business grows and I add practitioners, it will be easier to provide tablets rather than store endless reams of paper!"

Janet Elise L.

Owner, RMT

"I think it is constructed beautifully! Intake, notes and diagrams! Perfection for the medical practitioner."

Cinzia A.

Registered Practical Nurse, CFCN, CR

"Knowing it is hosted on a secure server is very reassuring. I also love how the soap notes stay saved until you go back and finalize. Many times I don't have time between appointments to finish the notes but can go back later that day and finish."

Christina A.

Active Release Technique Provider

"A user friendly software, makes doing patient reports so easy, the duplicate function is a dream!"

Sarah O.


"Very simple, easy to navigate. We like being able to send out the intake forms quickly and read responses in a simple format."

Jonathan K.


"As a Massage Therapist I love having the health history intake online. It allows me to better prepare for the initial assessment with my client. I also love the automated email reminders, it drastically reduced no shows or last minute cancellations."

Stephanie P.


Thousands of Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and other health care professionals rely on Noterro to run their clinics.

Your time is money. Put Noterro to work today and start simplifying your clinic life.

Resources & FAQs

Why Use Noterro?

Noterro streamlines your clinic with tools that are as simple as they are powerful. Go paperless, save time, and connect with more patients.

What's Included in the free trial?

You get the full Noterro experience, minus the File Uploads feature which is an Add On.

How long does it take to setup Noterro?

We recommend watching the Noterro Crash Course playlist on our YouTube Channel. It takes about 45-minutes, so grab a coffee while you become a Noterro expert. You can follow along and setup your clinic at the same time.