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Noterro loves making new friends. And giving away free stuff.

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Are you excited to share your love for Noterro and earn a free month of service? We're thrilled to introduce our amazing Share & Save feature, designed to help you do exactly that!

Step One: Sharing is a Breeze

Sharing your clinic's unique referral link is all it takes to spread the word. Your fellow practitioners will get an exclusive 60-day trial, double the standard 30-day trial. It's our way of saying thank you for helping us grow our community!

Step Two: Earn a Free Month

When your friend signs up for a paid account, we have a special treat for you. Your subscription's renewal date will be extended by a whole month! Yes, you read that right – we're giving you an entire month of Noterro absolutely FREE, just for spreading the word and bringing more awesome people into the Noterro community.

Step Three: Apologize to Your Friend

Now, it's time to apologize to your friend. Why? Because you've been keeping the secret of Noterro to yourself for so long! But hey, it's never too late to make things right. Friends don't let friends settle for subpar note-taking, and with Noterro, we've got your back.

Join the Vibrant Noterro Community

At Noterro, we firmly believe in the power of community and the importance of sharing valuable resources with our peers. By working together, we can make the healthcare industry better for everyone. Grab your Share & Save link, embark on this exciting journey, and make new friends while earning fantastic rewards along the way.

Spread the Love, Reap the Benefits

Join us in building a vibrant community of practitioners who believe in the power of efficient and intuitive practice management. With Noterro, sharing is caring, and together, we can achieve great things. Let's spread the love and reap the benefits of Share & Save!


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Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming

Get started with
Noterro today!

Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming