Increase Revenue with Patient Product Recommendations

Entice patients with those last-minute impulse purchases at checkout.

upselling products to patients


Have you ever wished that your patients would make just one more purchase before checking out? Well, have no fear, because our amazing Products feature is here to save the day!

Tempting Impulse Purchases

Do you ever wish your patients would make just one more purchase before leaving your practice? We understand the power of those last-minute impulse buys. Similar to that irresistible chocolate bar at the grocery store checkout, our amazing Products feature is here to work its magic! With Products, you can effortlessly encourage your patients to treat themselves to additional purchases, adding a delightful touch to their visit.

Simplified Tracking

Keeping track of purchased products has never been easier! With our Products feature, all the items your patients purchase will appear on their treatment invoices. This streamlined approach simplifies their records and makes it convenient for them to monitor their purchases, especially if some items are covered by insurance. By offering this level of clarity, you not only empower your patients but also ensure both parties have a transparent record of the products acquired during their visit.

Boost Your Sales

Imagine the excitement your patients will feel when presented with an array of intriguing products at checkout! By strategically displaying additional items, you can entice them to make spontaneous purchases, boosting your sales and revenue. Whether it's a complementary product or an enticing add-on, the allure of discovery will encourage your patients to indulge in a little something extra. It's a win-win strategy that leaves your patients satisfied and your practice thriving.

Enhance Your Business

The benefits of our Products feature extend beyond immediate sales. By offering a diverse range of complementary products, you open up new revenue streams and create exciting opportunities for business growth. Not only does this increase your bottom line, but it also strengthens your practice's brand and reputation. Emphasizing a curated selection of quality products can set you apart from competitors and position your practice as a comprehensive wellness destination.

With our Products feature, you have the power to elevate your patients' experience and drive business success. Encourage impulse purchases, simplify tracking, and diversify your revenue streams with this powerful tool. Embrace the potential of our Products feature and see your sales soar while your patients leave with smiles on their faces.

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