Automated Calls for Hassle-Free Appointment Reminders

Personalize and send an automated message to upcoming patients.

automated appointment reminder calls

Call Reminders

OMG. No-shows are the worst.

Reduce the time it takes to follow up with patients by sending personalized text reminders right from Noterro.

Choose your message and send an appointment reminder to the mobile phone number stored in their account. Wasn't that easy LOL?

NOTE: This is an optional Add On feature.

Canada/US: $5/month for a 30-day calling maximum of 1,000 calls.

Outside Canada/US: $10/month for a 30-day calling maximum of 100 calls.

What is a calling maximum?:
The maximum number of phone calls that your clinic can make in a 30-day period. This is calculated on a rolling time period. Every time your clinic tries to make a phone call, Noterro determines the number of phone calls that your clinic has made in the previous 30 days. As long as the total number of phone calls that you have made in the past 30 days is less than this 30-day maximum, your phone call will be made. Email if you wish to increase your sending maximum.

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