Streamline Your Invoicing with Our Signed Invoice Solution

Add your e-signature to treatment receipts.

Signed Receipts

Oh boy, do we have a treat for you! If you're tired of signing your name over and over again on all your treatment receipts, Noterro's Signed Receipts feature is here to save the day!

No more pen and paper, and no more digging through piles of paperwork to find those signed receipts. Simply create your very own e-signature inside Noterro, and it'll be automatically added to all of your SOAP Notes and receipts. Easy-peasy!

Whether you need a signature on all your receipts due to legal requirements or just want to add that extra professional touch, Noterro's Signed Receipts feature is a HUGE timesaver. Say goodbye to the hassle of physical signatures and hello to the ease and convenience of digital ones.

Thousands of Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and other health care professionals rely on Noterro to run their clinics.

Your time is money. Put Noterro to work today and start simplifying your clinic life.