Effortlessly Manage Your Healthcare Memberships with our software

Packages & Memberships allow you to create programs that offer valuable incentives to keep patients coming back.

Flexible Settings

Select price, expiry, usage limits and eligible services for each pass you create. Packages are like loyalty cards and offer a set amount of services to be redeemed. Memberships can be ongoing, allowing patients to book recurring appointments every months, for example.

Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

Memberships come with recurring billing. This means your patients will automatically be invoiced at the start of each billing cycle. More convenience for them and less admin work for you

See your passes in action

When a patient purchases a pass, you'll be able to track current status, including usage, expiry, and payment

Redeeming is easy

We've added a redeem button alongside the payment options when eligible services show up on a patient's invoice. We've highlighted the relevant invoice items to make the redemption process quick and easy.

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