Streamline Your Medical Reporting with Noterro

Customizable filters and tables so you can see the numbers your way.

See the numbers your way

Use filters to zoom in on specific services, practitioners, date ranges, and locations.

Intuitive sales summaries

We've redesigned the Sales Report so you can get a quick look at top-level sales, taxes, and tips. You can also easily see trends with a handy chart.

Create a new version

When you filter your results, you can save those preferences as a version. They let you quickly access your common sales scenarios in one click.

Reports in a bit more detail

Numbers, numbers, numbers! They're essential for running any business, but staring at endless spreadsheets can be a real drag. Not to worry - we've got your back with customizable filters and columns! You'll be able to see your data your way, focusing on the specific services, practitioners, dates, or locations you care about most.

For example, we've completely overhauled our Sales Report to give you the ultimate insights into your business. You'll be able to get a quick look at top-level sales, taxes, and tips, and easily spot trends with our handy chart. And, when you've narrowed in on the data you need, you can save your preferences as a version, allowing you to quickly access your most common sales scenarios with just one click!

But that's not all - we know that sometimes you need to go even deeper with your data, so we've made it easy to export your reports to CSV. That way, you can manipulate the data however you need, using advanced techniques to uncover even more insights. So go ahead and dive in - we've got your back!

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