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Simplify Clinic Operations, Elevate Patient Care: Noterro is the Ultimate Online Management Solution for Healthcare Professionals

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"Just a minute. Let me grab your chart…"

This is what you say as you fumble through a filing cabinet packed with documents. After a paper cut, some not-so-clinic-friendly words, and what feels like an eternity, you find it. "Oh wait, not that one." you sigh in frustration. You vowed you were going to go paperless...someday.

Meanwhile, that new patient who "forgot" their appointment time (again) is grumbling in the waiting room as they fill out their intake form.
By the end of the day, your own hands are exhausted. Picking up a pen to start taking your SOAP Notes feels like some kind of unnecessary torture.

In your line of work, you're not just a health professional, you're a problem solver. You're used to doing things the hard way and putting in extra hours to get everything done. And yet your business still isn't growing in the way you hoped.

Enter Noterro — the most comprehensive online clinic management system you'll ever meet.

Noterro (formerly SOAP Vault) is clinic management software designed for clinic owners and practitioners like you that want to:

  • Streamline their clinic and front desk functions without blowing their budget.
  • Provide onboarding processes that are so simple they'll have patients saying, "This was SO MUCH EASIER than the last place I went to. How soon can I book another appointment?"
  • Safely store their data and access it from anywhere.
  • Project the professional image they need to grow their business.
  • Invest in clinic management software that's packed with features, but is so easy to use that they won't feel like they need a PhD in computer science to figure out how it works.

Noterro's users are:

  • Massage Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Acupuncturists
  • Solo Health Care Practitioners

Loved by practitioners,
trusted by clinic owners.

"The efficiency and ease of the software is refreshingly freeing. It allows me as a Massage Therapist to devote more time with and on my clientele instead of paperwork. Yet it does not lack on professionalism. Excellent product!!"

Shari M.


"The online booking system has saved me a huge amount of admin time and being able to have all of my notes for every client in one place with their treatment history and receipts that get sent out once completing soap notes is great."

Katrina S.

Musculoskeletal Therapist/Owner

"I have more than one office where I see client[s] and [Noterro] allows me to have a central repository accessible wherever I am."

Aaron C.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Noterro is proudly Canadian, but has been helping streamline clinics from all over the world.

Picture it. Life with Noterro running your practice:

  • Spending less time notetaking and more face time with your patients, so you can focus on getting more of those sweet regular appointment bookers.
  • Securely storing your notes and patients files thanks to Noterro's simple, clean interface and cloud based storage.
  • Scheduling and sending appointment reminders to those patients that have ghosted you.
  • Setting your hours with the online booking system so every patient can book an appointment from home.
  • Being better prepared for new patients since Noterro's online intake forms give them more time to fill out their health histories.
  • Winning referral after referral because Noterro lets you finally project the professional image you need to take your business up a notch.
  • Bragging to your peers about your awesome clinic management software that has more functionality than their pricier system at less than half the price.
  • And more. (Noterro updates are directly inspired by user feedback. There's always something new in the works!)
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Get started with
Noterro today!

Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming

Get started with
Noterro today!

Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming