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Predictive Charting

Looking for an easier way to keep track of your patients' medical history? Noterro's Predictive Charting feature has got you covered.

Intelligent Tag Suggestions

Say goodbye to struggling to remember which tags to use for each patient. With Noterro's machine learning capabilities, it can predict which tags you'll need based on the patient's history and the tags used in similar cases. The more you use Noterro, the better it gets at suggesting tags on future SOAP notes. It's like having a knowledgeable assistant by your side.

Automated Tag Categorization

Noterro takes it a step further by automatically categorizing the suggested tags into the S, O, A, or P sections of your SOAP notes. This automation saves you time and effort in sorting through your notes and ensures that your charting is well-organized and structured. Spend less time navigating through your notes and more time focusing on your patients.

Streamlined Tag Entry

If you need to add multiple tags at once, Noterro can handle that too. No more tedious manual entry or copy-pasting required. With Noterro's Predictive Charting, you can easily select and add multiple relevant tags in a streamlined manner. This simplifies the process of charting and ensures accuracy and consistency in your documentation.

Simplify Your SOAP Charting Process

SOAP charting should not be a pain; instead, it should be a simple and streamlined process. Noterro's Predictive Charting feature aims to make your charting experience smoother and more efficient.

By automating tag suggestions, categorization, and enabling streamlined tag entry, Noterro helps you stay organized, save time, and focus on providing the best care for your patients.

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Noterro today!

Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming

Get started with
Noterro today!

Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming
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