6 Ways Massage Therapy Software Reduces No-Shows & Cancellations

July 5, 2024

Operating a clinic, spa, or any kind of massage practice comes with an endless supply of unique challenges. One problem every massage therapist can relate to, but thankfully one we can help you minimize, is clients not showing up for appointments. 

No-shows cause decreased productivity, lost revenue, and wasted time. That's why our massage therapy software includes features dedicated to preventing your clients from missing appointments.

Noterro has helped countless practitioners to reduce client no-shows by as much as 99%. The clinic-branded app, automated reminder emails and texts, and other intelligent features work in tandem to keep your appointments fresh in your clients’ minds. 

Let's dive into how Noterro's unique software and features can help you win over no-shows.

How Can No-Shows And Cancellation Affect Your Practice?

No-shows are the most immediate contributor to financial instability. Every empty slot represents lost revenue you were counting on to pay bills, cover overhead costs, and keep your business running smoothly. You've prepared the treatment room, set aside time in your schedule, and maybe even purchased specific supplies for a client who doesn't show up. All these resources go to waste, impacting your bottom line.

This can throw your entire day off. You might have to scramble to fill the empty slot or reschedule other appointments, which can create frustration for you and potentially other clients.

Moreover, following up on no-shows, attempting to reschedule appointments, and updating your schedule can take time and effort.

No-shows add to your already busy workload and steal time you could spend on more productive tasks. They show that your time isn't valued, leading to frustration and a decline in overall morale. If left unchecked, no-shows can become a habit for some clients. Fixing no-shows has become more critical than ever.

But how do you do it? Listed below are six ways to minimize no-shows in your practice.

6 Ways To Minimize No-Shows in Your Practice

1. Use Online Booking Restriction Labels

Use labels to manage a waiting list for immediate appointments. You can identify qualified patients seeking similar services when cancellations occur, ensuring your schedule stays optimized.

A well-organized system isn't just about aesthetics; it fosters focus and clarity. With Noterro's Patient Labels, you can experience the joy of a streamlined workflow, improved client communication, and the ability to deliver exceptional care with greater ease.

Here's how it works:

  • Creating Targeted Labels: You can create specific labels within Noterro, such as "Sports Injury," "Pre-Event Massage," or "Post-Workout Recovery." These labels act like tags that categorize your ideal clientele.
  • Filtering Out Unqualified Leads: When someone attempts to book an appointment online, Noterro configures to check for specific labels in their profile. If they don't have the relevant label ("Sports Injury"), the online booking option for your sports massage service simply won't be available.
  • Prioritizing Qualified Bookings: Clients with the appropriate label ("Sports Injury") will see your sports massage service readily available for online booking. This streamlines the process for qualified clients and ensures you attract fitting appointments.

Limiting online booking to those with relevant labels minimizes the chance of someone booking a service they might not be suitable for or genuinely interested in. This reduces the likelihood of cancellations and wasted appointments.

2. Configure Online Booking Rules 

Start by drafting and implementing a comprehensive cancellation policy. Utilize Noterro's customization feature to establish this policy, allowing for exceptions when necessary. Noterro enables you to create tailored online booking rules for each service you provide.
Implement a clear cancellation policy from the start, using Noterro’s online form function to set up a cancellation agreement policy and send it to clients upon booking.

Additionally, display the policy in your waiting room, mention it during the first appointment, and add it to your website. Be prepared to waive the policy for reasonable or urgent reasons when necessary. If an appointment is booked by phone instead of online, have a brief script ready to inform clients of the policy. Following these steps ensures that your time is respected and that clients know their financial commitments.

3. Appointment Reminders through Email and SMS

Configure email and SMS reminders in Noterro to ensure clients receive automatic reminders after booking appointments. Also, set those triggers as per your marketing tactic.

Pro tip: Always include a highlight note of your cancellation policy when communicating with clients so that it stays in mind. 

You can choose to send automated email or text message reminders a specific number of hours before the appointment. This allows you to find the sweet spot—reminding clients early enough to confirm or reschedule but not so early that it becomes intrusive. Be prepared beforehand. When a client books a service online, Noterro can automatically trigger a specific form to be sent out. This form can be anything from a pre-treatment questionnaire to a customized intake form relevant to the chosen service.

You can see all communication about an appointment when you click on it in the Noterro calendar.

4. Using Online Bookings to Reduce No-Shows

If clients book an ad-hoc appointment, you may need to jot down the details or frantically write them somewhere and then forget. According to a survey, 70% of people are more likely to book an appointment if an online booking option exists.

Online booking keeps everything neat and organized. You and your staff can easily see all appointments in one place, no matter where you are. Plus, clients can book appointments anytime, anywhere, using the Noterro patients app. They can even pay upfront to secure their spot, which helps reduce missed appointments.

5. Location-Specific Services

For clinics with multiple locations, specifying which services are available at each location prevents confusion and ensures clients book services at their preferred or nearest location, reducing cancellations due to location mix-ups.

A client might choose to forgo an appointment simply because the desired service isn't offered at the most convenient location for them. Clients can easily find the closest option that meets their needs by clearly showing which services are available at each branch. This convenience factor encourages them to book and follow through, minimizing cancellations due to distance or location-based obstacles.

You can even control which locations are available for online booking (an excellent solution for practitioners who work out of a home office and want to keep their addresses private).

6. Provide Flexible Self-Schedule through Website/Portal Both

Provide multiple options for your client to schedule appointments so that it leaves no room for them to step out. Let them choose what works best for them.

Eliminate the back-and-forth of phone calls or emails. Clients can schedule appointments at their own pace, 24/7, reducing friction and streamlining the process.

Booking becomes even more convenient for existing clients who have created an account on your portal. They can access their appointment history, manage upcoming sessions, and book new appointments with just a few clicks.


Building a healthy relationship with your client is essential whether you're a new or existing practitioner. And using massage therapy software makes a difference. It builds trust in your client. We understand finding the right balance is difficult in any business, but creating a relationship where respect comes both ways is crucial. Then, in turn, your client will value your time, subsequently reducing no-shows.

Onboard new practices and new software and position your brand as a promising service provider with the utmost zeal and potential of care.

If you're ready to reduce no-shows in your health practice, book a free demo with Noterro now! No credit card is required.

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Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming
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