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How Massage Therapy Techniques Can Help Alleviate Accident Pain

October 17, 2015

Massage Therapy Techniques Are Sometimes More Effective Than Other Methods

Massage therapy techniques helped to ease the pain of a car accident victim; something that her chiropractor could not do.   

“Even though I was going to a chiropractor three times a week, the treatment did not truly help in reducing the severe pain I have been experiencing,” the victim noted. “But my monthly massage treatment at Elements Massage from my therapist, Deb Lazer, provides temporary relief from much of the pain and I feel more flexible, so I can carry on my home and work responsibilities with much more ease.”

Massage Therapy  is a Credible Alternative Treatment for Acute or Chronic Back Pain

Studies prove that massage therapy techniques, when applied, increase blood flow and circulation. It also eases tension in muscles and decreases soreness, which was attributed to the car accident victim’s chronic pain.

Massage therapy techniques can also assist in a variety of soft-tissue injuries. And through the process of massage, the patient will experience a flush of endorphins, which will increase relaxation in the mind and the body, further healing injuries.