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How Massage Therapy Can Reduce Work-Related Stress

June 14, 2016

Massage Therapy: Boost Career by Reducing Stress


Work: there are few other things in life that trigger such enormous amounts of stress. And we can become bogged down by that stress, which will, in turn, impede our ability, and, in some cases, willingness, to rise up and succeed. And, if and when you do rise to the top of your career, the stress becomes even more difficult to handle.


It is without a shred of a doubt that stress is dangerous, and unhealthy for the body and mind. One very effective way to reduce work-related stress is with massage therapy.


In an article entitled: “How Having Luxury Massages Can Improve Your Career”, an Australian Financial Review contributing writer suggests that work-related stress can impede your ability to perform at your best.


“For stressed-out executives, holding unnecessary tension in muscles can cause discomfort, poor posture and fatigue that impinges on peak performance and long-term health,” the author writes.

“Having a relaxing Swedish or vigorous deep tissue massage not only reduces stress, it calms the entire nervous system even as it increases blood flow to overworked muscles and organs.”


Safe & Healthy: Massage Therapy for Work Stress


Stress is your body’s way of responding to a physical or emotional demand.  Everyone experiences increased stress levels at one time or another.


In an article entitled: “Studies conclusively show massage therapy reduces stress”, author Steve Ibach argues that massage therapy is a proven, non invasive way to reduce chronic stress levels in the body.

“Using massage to reduce stress is natural and safe and unlike some forms of alternative therapies, massage therapy is a proven discipline within the medical community with scientific evidence supporting the use of massage for stress management,” writes Ibach.