How to Keep Working as a Massage Therapist Who's Expecting

May 27, 2019

Is it possible to do massage while pregnant. How would that work out? How long could you work? How had other women done that?—questions which are an endless source of consternation when wondering if pregnancy will interfere with your massage career.

It’s always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle when working, but this becomes imperative when you become pregnant. As a massage therapist you are on your feet much of the day. During a massage session you are moving and exerting a lot of energy. And, if you are self-employed you rely on a steady income. Pregnancy will affect every aspect of your practice and adaptation is necessary.

Below are some tips for staying healthy while continuing to work while pregnant:

Snacking Often

Whether you are conquering nausea or avoiding fatigue, keeping snacks on hand at work can be a lifesaver.

Stay Hydrated

Becoming dehydrated while pregnant is very dangerous for both you and your baby. Without adequate water in your system you will have trouble regulating your body temperature.

Take Frequent Breaks

Breaks are important to both invigorate and recharge, listen to your body.

Go to Bed Early or Nap at Any Given Chance

To help catch up on a few mores ZZZ’s, a power nap before or after work goes a long way; if that is something you are unable to achieve perhaps you can look at changing your hours of work to better accommodate your fatigue.

Prenatal Massage

Some key benefits to prenatal massage are to reduce muscle and joint tension/pain, help reduce swelling by improving overall circulation, increase relaxation by reducing stress, anxiety and headaches and help improve your sleep.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga focused to the blossoming pregnant body is great to help open and strengthen your joints, improve circulation, calm your body and also educate on breathing exercises that will prove beneficial during labor.

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