How To Manage Your Time As A Massage Therapist

January 25, 2016

Managing Your Time As A Massage Therapist: It’s About Balancing Work and Pleasure


It’s the ongoing challenge: managing your time in order to generate a work/life balance. Although there is no simple solution, Karen Menehan, Massage Magazine’s editor-in-chief and author of “A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Purposeful Time Management”, offers some great advice (through interviews with experts) for those massage therapists who are having trouble finding that balance.


Managing Your Time As A Massage Therapist: Reflect on Pleasurable Time  


A great way to balance work and life is to plan those fun outings ahead of time.

“By both planning for pleasure in our daily and weekly schedule, we create an anticipation for something we look forward to,” says Faye Nulman, Coach and Practitioner of Reiki, Aromatherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique in an interview with Menehan.


Another aspect of this is to schedule yourself in; integrate yourself into your weekly schedule, either to unwind with some wine, catch up with friends and loved ones or spend time just doing something you love! “The best way to maximize personal time is to schedule it—just like a dentist appointment or a business meeting. Making yourself a priority in your own life creates the time and bandwidth to connect to your inner child, to explore opportunities and to decompress from the stresses of life,” says Randi Levin, C.P.C., Coach, in an interview with Menehan.


Managing Your Time As A Massage Therapist: One Thing at a Time


To ensure you’ll have that much needed downtime, you must actually finish your work, and the only way to do that is to stop procrastinating!  “You think you are doing two things at once by watching the football game while getting some work done. In reality, you diminish the pleasure of watching the game and the work you’re doing is substandard,” says Walter Meyer, Business Consultant in an interview with Menehan. “Better to concentrate on work while working and then watch the game. When you go on vacation, go on vacation. Turn off the work phone calls and emails.”


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