back pain

Managing Your Pain with Massage Therapy

September 19, 2018

Massage therapy, compared to no treatment, should be strongly recommended as a pain management option.


Massage therapy is conditionally recommended for reducing pain, compared to other sham or active comparators, and improving mood and health-related quality of life, compared to other active comparators.


But, pain. This one word alone demands that you create a treatment plan in order to attempt to alleviate suffering. Massage is an active area of research. In particular, it has been studied for its effect on pain in the back, hands, neck, and knees, among other areas.


Pain is multi-dimensional and may be better addressed through an integrative approach. Massage therapy is commonly used among people seeking pain management and research has generally supported its use. Seeking out a qualified massage therapist who can effectively provide pain management massage services is vital to achieving quality pain management results from massage therapy.


Massage therapy can involve varying degrees of pressure. Some people find certain forms of massage, such as deep tissue massage, to be painful. Massage doesn't have to be painful to be therapeutic, so be sure to tell your therapist the type of touch you prefer (light touch, firm pressure, hard pressure). Lighter may be more relaxing and therefore more beneficial, depending on your situation.


In the end, the quality of the massage and the success of massage therapy depends on the quality of the massage practitioner.