Using Massage Therapy in Conjunction with Opioid Addiction Recovery

July 10, 2018
Ryan Barichello

Massage therapy can be very helpful during opioid addiction recovery


It is one of the safer options available to individuals in addiction treatment. This option is considered a holistic treatment that takes every part of the individual into account, not just the symptoms of their disorder.


Massage therapy is much more than a patient just lying on a table with relaxing music playing and candles burning. This is a complementary treatment that uses various bodywork techniques to calm the mind and relieve tension. A massage therapist will knead and press a patient’s muscles and trigger points with circulating movements. Depending on the client’s needs, the treatment might include deep tissue, myofascial, Swedish, or cranial sacral massage.


Officially, there is no direct word on whether or not massage therapy can actually treat addiction


But it has been found to be very beneficial in minimizing the issues associated with drug abuse and recovery.


Like other pain treatment, massage works for some but not for others. Generally, it is more realistic to look for a reduction in symptoms as opposed to complete alleviation. Further research is indicated to determine what types of massage are most effective for what types of pain and under what circumstances. At least one study has suggested better outcomes for comprehensive massage therapy as opposed to just soft tissue manipulation.


Massage therapy, among a number of other holistic and complementary treatment options, can be found in many residential rehab centers along with the general options for addiction recovery.


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