Massage Therapy Can Be An Effective Weapon to Take on Stress

January 4, 2017

High Stress Levels Can Be Dangerous, But Massage Can Help to Reduce It


We know that stress diminishes the immune system’s ability to fight off infections such as the common cold. And certainly, most of us know that we simply feel terrible when we find ourselves under stress for any period of time, as our bodies fight to respond to the emotions that are raging inside of us.


Cortisol is the hormone marker for stress. High levels of cortisol are the body’s tell for high levels of stress. High cortisol levels in the body lead to weight gain in the midsection along with a variety of other metabolic changes which lower the immune system and stress the cardiovascular system, putting a low level but constant stress on the body over long periods of time.


So, how can we lower our cortisol levels and mellow out our stress?


In a recently published article entitled, “Massage Therapy as a Powerful Tool to Combat Stress,” author and expert, Courtney Kabot, writes:


“Americans are stressed out now more than ever. Research from the American Psychological Association found the number of stressed American has increased this year from the previous year. And in this over-sensitized, hyped-up world, more people are turning to different ways to try to manage that stress. Massage therapy has proven to be a powerful tool to relieve tension.”


Massage therapy does improve stress levels in a positive way, it does matter what type of massage the client receives. a moderate Swedish massage is far more relaxing, both medically as well as perceived by the client, than a deep tissue or trigger point therapy massage.


“The benefits of massage can be immediate, especially in terms of stress release. But massage therapy has cumulative effects.

"Several sessions of massage therapy are usually needed to undo something that's already been done,” Kabot writes.


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