how massage therapy can soothe children with chronic illnesses

How Massage Therapy Can Soothe Children with Chronic Illnesses

April 5, 2017

From babies to Baby Boomers and beyond, the holistic benefits of massage are not confined to patients of any particular age. In fact, the ancient practice of massage has been shown to improve overall health in people at every stage of life, regardless of their background, age or occupation.


But what about when a child is weakened by illness? What are the protocols to which a massage therapist should adhere?


In a recently published article entitled, “Massage Therapy Improves Quality of Life for Frail Children,” author and expert, Philip Weber, writes:


“The gift that massage therapists share with the world is an ability to help their fellow human beings feel soothed and restored. This is the case across the spectrum of massage work—and this is especially true of therapists who help medically frail children,” adding that palliative care improves the quality of life of the patient regardless of whether they have a terminal illness or whether they may live to be adults. “It’s all about comfort, nurturing, reducing pain and improving all aspects of the life of the patient,” he writes.


The goal of massage for frail children, who are afflicted by disease, is to help the child feel comforted and loved.


“Hospice care focuses on those same aspects of care, but with the understanding that the patient has a terminal illness,” Weber writes. “The goal is to improve the quality of life for as long as the patient lives.”


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