Massage Therapy Can Help Patients as They Work from Home

May 4, 2020

Massage therapists are getting pretty creative these days, while the novel coronavirus pandemic limits their ability to provide hands-on care to patients and clients.


In-home massage therapy treatment allows you to fully relax in your own home and not have to worry about breaking social distancing guidelines.


In a recently published article in The Denver Post entitled, “Physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists teach DIY treatments during coronavirus crisis,” Colorado Springs physical therapist Scott Rezac, says that, thanks to modern technology and a little outside-the-box thinking, he’s still able to help them get on the road to recovery.

“When you go to a physical therapist, you’re expecting hands-on treatment to some degree, if not to the entirety of the degree,” Rezac says. “So we had to get a little more creative in terms of how we actually treat patients from a remote setting. Rather than us putting our hands on them, we’re teaching the patient how to do several different techniques.” 


These techniques and this out-of-the-box thinking can be applied to massage therapy as well.


David Weintraub, owner of a Bodyworks studio in New York, saw the risk of coronavirus earlier this month, he knew that it would impact the business, and the impact would be large. So Weintraub brought his team together and discussed ideas over Zoom. One of their ideas was virtual self-care sessions with clients. The virtual self-care appointment is based on the homework that the therapists give to their clients after performing bodywork. For some, it’s stretches and breathing techniques, and for others, it’s advice to slow down and relax.


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