Much Like Humans, Massage Therapy Can Have Similar Benefits For Dogs

November 5, 2016

The Many Benefits Massage Therapy Can Have on Your Pooch

Canine massage therapy and canine acupressure are proven techniques that encourage better health and healing for your dog, no matter his age or specific health condition.

A massage therapy and acupressure program will:

  • Invigorate the couch potato
  • Stimulate the canine competitor
  • Energize the working dog
  • Comfort and encourage healing in the sick or injured dog
  • Build confidence in the abused, neglected, and rescued dog
  • Deepen the bond of love with your best friend

In a recently published article entitled, “Comforting Canines Through Massage,” author Vicky Ikeogu writes,

“Canine massage is a relatively new field in animal therapy. But according to Lola Michelin, founder of Fall City, Washington-based Northwest School of Animal Massage, the canine massage industry is on a rapid growth track.”

Much like humans, who use professional massage therapy to help alleviate sore muscles and decrease tension, Michelin said dogs can have the same types of benefits.

“Each session begins with a gentle kneading motion across the body, to get the dog familiar with the therapy. Depending on the dog and their health issues, the massage therapist can target pressure to certain joints — for arthritic dogs — or the face to help with breathing and allergies,” she writes.

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