The Benefits of Hydro Massage Therapy

December 22, 2015
Ryan Barichello

Relieve a Vast Amount of Stress with Hydro Massage


For those unfamiliar with hydro massage: hydro massage is the process of immersing oneself in water, using high-pressure water jets as massage tools. That is traditionally how hydro massage works; however, some massage units now feature waterproof membranes that prevent the water from touching the skin. If you have heart disease or another medical condition, you should consult your physician before starting hydromassage therapy.


In a recent article published by entitled Hydro Massage Benefits, author Owen Pearson writes that hydro massage is a method which can relieve a great amount of stress. “Hydro massage has been shown to reduce physical tension and mental stress, according to the Caldera Spas website,” he writes. “Immersing the body in warm water may reduce the secretion of cortisol and other hormones associated with stress.”


Hydro Massage Can Improve Sleep


If you are one you is afflicted by insomnia, or have trouble getting to sleep, Pearson writes that hydro massage can help in those areas. “This may be because the body's internal temperature rises during hydrotherapy, then drops afterward,” he writes. “The internal temperature drop cues the body to get ready for sleep. Hydrotherapy can also improve sleep by relieving pressure on the body's joints and muscles, which reduces nighttime discomfort.


Hydro Massage Can Relieve Pain


Hydro massage can help to relieve pain caused by arthritis and other joint pains.

“Warm water improves circulation, which delivers oxygen and vital nutrients to muscle tissues. Water immersion also reduces the body's weight by up to 90 percent, taking weight off the limbs and joints,” he writes.


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