How Massage Therapy Can Benefit Those with Diabetes

January 4, 2016
Ryan Barichello

Massage therapy can help to reduce stress, which is vital to one afflicted by diabetes


Stress hormones caused by stress can negatively affect a diabetic’s blood sugar control.


In an article on entitled Massage Therapy for Diabetics: A Natural Treatment, the author writes: “Stress is a normal part of life, but how we deal with that stress can keep it from spiraling into a health problem,” adding, “Massage has been shown repeatedly to have a beneficial effect on anxiety. Diabetics experiencing anxiety are at risk for poor blood sugar control. Massage therapy for diabetics helps reduce that stress.”


Massage therapy can improve circulatory system flow


The circulatory system is at risk due to diabetes.


Diabetes can cause a hardening of the arteries, due to high blood sugar, so it is vital to keep the circulatory system flowing to avoid this.


Massage therapy can help.


“Massage improves circulation of blood in general, including to the extremities, decreasing this blocking effect of diabetes,” the author writes adding that when poor circulation occurs, poor healing of wounds and infections also occurs. That is why diabetics sometimes develop sores on the foot. “Massage therapy for diabetics improves feeling (sensation) and circulation, so it can help prevent this common problem. With improved blood (and lymph) flow from therapeutic massage, the body is more able to fight infections in the body. Circulation is critical for good health. It is impaired in the diabetic. Massage improves circulation dramatically.”


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