Case Study

Streamlining Mobile Massage Therapy Operations with Noterro at Wellness on Wheels

Transforming Mobile Massage Therapy: How Noterro Empowered Wellness on Wheels in Winnipeg


Wellness on Wheels, under Shaun Castor's leadership in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has been delivering exceptional mobile massage therapy services. Seeking efficiency, customizable scheduling options and affordability, Wellness on Wheels transitioned to Noterro, streamlining operations and enhancing patient experiences.

Problem Statement

Managing online booking for patients as a mobile practice was a big challenge for Wellness on Wheels. Existing software solutions were either prohibitively expensive or lacked the flexibility to effectively accommodate their mobile practice model.


Noterro emerged as the solution to Wellness on Wheels' challenges, offering comprehensive practice management capabilities tailored to mobile massage therapy. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, Noterro provided the flexibility needed to streamline operations seamlessly for their mobile practice.

"What I like about Noterro is they are always updating their features. The online booking feature has saved me hours and hours of my time. Even among my older patients, I have to push them to online booking, but once they use it for the first time, their feedback has always been that it's very easy to use. It has improved the patient experience a lot."

Shaun Castor


  • Scheduling Workarounds: Noterro offered a wide range of custom workarounds to fit the unique needs of a mobile practice
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Online booking and transparent communication facilitated by Noterro improved satisfaction, even among patients unfamiliar with modern technology.
  • Billing Accuracy: Noterro’s built-in POS system enabled the smooth processing of payments, thereby reducing billing errors and ensuring greater revenue cycle management.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Noterro's affordable pricing model offered substantial value without compromising functionality.

How Noterro Helped Them Scale

Noterro's dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction bolstered Wellness on Wheels' growth trajectory. As the clinic expanded its mobile practice, Noterro adeptly responded to evolving needs, ensuring sustained success and operational excellence in stationary and mobile settings. Through continuous updates and enhancements, Noterro maintained its role as a trusted ally, enabling Wellness on Wheels to enhance service offerings and broaden its impact within the mobile massage therapy industry.

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Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming

Get started with
Noterro today!

Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming
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