5 Ways Chiropractors are Earning More With Booking Software

July 3, 2024

Top-notch booking software can transform skeptical patients into loyal clients for chiropractors. However, offering excellent patient care can be complicated.

Maintaining patient records, scheduling and booking appointments, managing treatment plans, follow-ups, and other administrative tasks can get complicated.

Patients expect more, and they expect it immediately. A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine found that chiropractors who use booking software see a 20% increase in revenue within the first year of implementation.

So, how can chiropractors use booking software to maximize their profits?

Here, we'll explore five primary ways chiropractors are earning more with booking software and provide feature-rich solutions for each.

5 Primary Ways Booking Software Can Improve Productivity at a Glance

Here’s how Noterro can help you: 

Table with Features, Best For, and Tips
Features Best For Tips
Marketing Integration Enhancing patient engagement and clinic presence • Connect with patients via Mailchimp for regular updates
Automated Reminders Reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations • Set up automated reminders for emails, texts, and calls
• Save time and reduce lost revenue
Tips and Prepayments Streamlining payments and increasing revenue • Simplify tip management
• Encourage prepayments for convenience
Client Retention and Loyalty Building strong patient relationships • Use appointment history and personalized reminders
• Implement referral programs to boost loyalty and repeat visits
Data and Analytics Optimizing business performance • Track performance and identify improvements
• Make informed decisions for increased revenue

Did you know? According to a survey by the American Chiropractic Association, 75% of chiropractors report increased patient bookings after implementing online appointment scheduling.

 With that goal in mind, here are 5 ways to boost your revenue.

1. Marketing Integration

A. Create Your Clinic-branded App

Connect your domain address to Noterro to create your clinic app powered by Noterro. It’s a branded patient app with your logo and colors. Apply your colors to present your patients with an app that connects with them. This way, your patients can have your customized app and manage appointments from a single app without switching to the Noterro platform.

They can book appointments and make online payments. Share the QR code with your client via email to download the app, and you’re ready for your clinic-branded app. Isn’t it exciting?

B. Intake Forms For the Practitioner

Booking software allows patients to securely complete intake forms and questionnaires electronically in your presence, saving them time and streamlining the intake process without jeopardizing your client's information. Noterro also allows you to customize your own intake form to get it filled by the patient.

C. Connect Your Patient List to Mailchimp

Streamline patient communication with Noterro's Mailchimp integration. It automatically syncs your patient list, lets you design engaging emails, and keeps your contacts up-to-date. This saves you time and ensures your messages reach the right people, fostering stronger patient relationships.

2. Automated Reminders

A. Send Reminders via Emails, Texts, or Calls

Set a reminder for yourself and your client that you will be sending the reminder, as well as the frequency of the reminders. Reminders can be sent via call or text, and an in-app notification will notify your patient.Here's how Noterro's automated reminders slash no-shows and boost your efficiency:

  • Effortless Setup: Customize automated reminders for emails, texts, or even calls. Choose the content and timing that best suits your practice, whether it's a gentle nudge a day before the appointment or a confirmation message a few hours beforehand.
  • Reduced No-Shows: Automated reminders serve as a friendly and timely prompt for patients, ensuring they don't forget their appointments. This translates to fewer missed appointments and a more predictable schedule, allowing you to plan your day effectively.
  • Increased Revenue: Fewer no-shows directly translate to increased revenue. Nottero's automated reminders help you maximize your appointment slots and avoid the financial impact of missed visits.
  • Time Saved: Eliminate the tedious task of calling or emailing patients to remind them of their appointments. Noterro automates this process, freeing up your valuable time to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional care to your patients.
  • Improved Patient Experience: Timely reminders demonstrate your professionalism and respect for patients' time. This fosters a sense of trust and strengthens patient relationships, leading to a more positive experience overall.

3. Tips and Prepayments

Noterro offers streamlined tips and prepayment options, enhancing practitioner efficiency and patient convenience:

  • Tip Management: Simplify tip handling with easy tracking, selection options, and transparent reporting. Patients can seamlessly choose from common tip amounts during checkout, expressing appreciation for excellent service.
  • Convenient Prepayments: Patients can pay in advance, reducing administrative tasks and increasing revenue from online bookings. Integration with Square and Bambora facilitates secure payments, while flexible payment methods accommodate various preferences.
  • Enhanced Record-Keeping: Easily manage transactions, refunds, and credits within Noterro. Maintained accurate records, emailed receipts, and efficiently handled multiple invoices, ensuring seamless financial transactions and client satisfaction.
  • Payment Breakdown: Practitioners can break down payments to accommodate various scenarios. For example, if a patient pays a $7 tip and insurance covers the remaining $70 of a $77 bill, practitioners can facilitate payments via cheque, Visa, or gift cards.
  • Invoice Management:
    • Delete Invoice: If an invoice is mistakenly created or needs correction, practitioners can easily delete it to prevent confusion or errors in financial records.
    • Unlink: Unlinking an invoice adds the remaining balance to a client's account, ensuring accurate tracking of outstanding payments.
    • Refund: Practitioners can fully refund invoices, choosing from various refund methods to accommodate patient preferences.
  • Email Receipts: Practitioners can email receipts to patients for their records, providing a convenient way to keep track of payments and transactions.
  • Multiple Invoice Payment: Practitioners can facilitate multiple invoice payments at once, providing a comprehensive overview of a client's financial scenario and allowing them to choose which invoices to pay.
  • Account Credit: Noterro enables practitioners to add credit to a client's account for future transactions, enhancing flexibility and improving client satisfaction.

4. Client Retention and Loyalty

Wouldn't you rather keep your clients coming back and referring others without constantly chasing them? Booking software offers chiropractors the tools to build strong, lasting relationships with their clients, making it easier to retain them and encourage referrals.

Features to Enhance Client Retention:

  • Appointment History - With a detailed appointment history, you can provide more personalized care by referencing past treatments and preferences. This personalized approach shows clients that you remember and care about their individual needs, making them more likely to return.
  • Personalized Reminders - Automated, personalized reminders ensure clients never miss an appointment, reducing no-shows and cancellations. This helps maintain a consistent schedule and demonstrates that you value their time, enhancing their loyalty.
  • Automated Follow-Ups - Send automated follow-ups to check clients' progress, offer additional tips, and remind them to book their next session. Regular, thoughtful follow-ups show ongoing care and attention, encouraging clients to stick with your practice.

Maximizing Revenue Through Repeat Appointments and Referrals:

  • Repeat Appointments -The convenience of booking repeat appointments with ease encourages clients to maintain their treatment plans. This results in a steady stream of revenue, enhancing the financial health of your practice.
  • Referral Programs - Effective referral programs incentivize satisfied clients to recommend your services to friends and family.: Offer rewards like discounts, free sessions, or other perks to both the referrer and the new client. Expanding your client base through referrals boosts your revenue and helps grow your practice.

5. Data and Analytics

Booking software offers chiropractors invaluable data and analytics capabilities that can transform their practice by providing insights and driving informed decisions.

  • Effortless Invoice Management  - Simplifying financial management is easy with the ability to export invoices to popular accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero. This seamless integration ensures precise tracking of income and expenses, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional chiropractic care.
  • Comprehensive Performance Tracking - With advanced filters and detailed reporting categories, you can easily track business performance. Monthly reports categorize revenue by service type and patient demographics, highlighting trends such as an increase in new patient visits. Pre-set reports cover key performance indicators (KPIs) like client retention rates, appointment frequency, and revenue trends, giving you a clear view of your practice's health.
  • Identifying and Addressing Areas for Improvement - Detailed analytics provide insights into appointments, services, and client interactions. For instance, if you notice a high number of cancellations on Monday mornings, you can preemptively send reminder emails on Sunday evenings. This proactive approach helps improve efficiency and client satisfaction by addressing issues before they escalate.

Note: While the software doesn't support custom reports, the available comprehensive reports are generally sufficient for most needs. Additional customization can often be done within the parameters of existing report options.

Maximize Your Productivity with Noterro

Thriving in a clinical practice role is about adapting to modern practices and moving in their direction. However, the core administrative challenges will remain the same. Your clients want a resolution to their queries, and they want it fast.

One way to keep things moving is to implement booking software to help practitioners meet this demand, maximize profits, and ensure long-term success.

The automation of administrative tasks, seamless communication, and data-driven decision-making capabilities offered by Noterro ensure a more efficient and profitable practice.

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Try Noterro and discover that running your practice doesn’t need to feel overwhelming
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