The new appointment layout

Appointments are getting a new look

February 1, 2024

In the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out a new layout for appointments with reorganized patient info and a cleaner presentation of service details.

You’ll be able to see account balances and confirm appointments as part of this update.

Other worthy mentions

  • Patients searching for an appointment time in the Web Portal are now offered an opportunity to join the patient waitlist.
  • You can now customize the messaging to patients when no times are found during online booking. E.g., "Sorry, no times were found, but you can try calling to see if we can fit you in.". This can be configured from the Web Portal & App settings.
  • You can now edit patient details from within a slideout instead of a dedicated page. This will allow us to add more opportunities to edit patient details from more pages, helping you stay in your workflow. As a result of your feedback, in an upcoming release, we'll also be widening this slideout to make more information visible at once.
  • We've rebuilt the Print, Preview, and Download of both Forms and Clinical Notes into improved layouts.
  • We've modernized the pages that list invoices and transactions for improved performance.

Verified by Nick Gabriele.