Are your CMS-1500s pre-populated when you process a claim?
They are now.

Many Noterro clinics are processing CMS-1500 forms every day, and life is about to get much easier. Now with just a click, Noterro will generate a CMS-1500 from an invoice, and pull the necessary information from the invoice, policy, claim, patient and other areas to populate a downloadable and editable CMS-1500 PDF!

Input-error warnings
Not only will Noterro populate the CMS-1500 form, we'll show you which areas likely need corrections, and invalid fields based on the guidelines set out by the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC).

Editable PDF exports
Need to tweak a few things after the fact? No problem, the CMS-1500 is an editable PDF!

Availity coming soon
There are also many clinics who submit claims through a clearinghouse. We're excited to announce that integration with Availity is coming soon. You'll be able to submit electronic claims via the 837p directly to your Availity account for processing. Also, you'll be able to download the 837p if you prefer to submit via their web portal.


If you're interested in early access to the Availity integration, let us know!

Verified by Nick Gabriele.