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Brilliant insurance billing coming soon.

December 8, 2020

"Have Noterro manage insurance claims like a boss.

How do you take an awesome piece of software like Noterro and make it even more awesome-er? Add an Insurance Management feature.

Soon, you’ll be able to have Noterro manage claims with the insurance companies you do direct billing with.

We know software companies like us love using the phrase game changer, but the way we see it, insurance management really is a BIG game changer for our users.

We’re building a suite of features to help you manage the insurance policies and claims attached to your patients.

Imagine the flexibility to manage:

  • Insurance claims (plus, you can track the EOBs and insurance payments for those claims),
  • Insurance billing codes,
  • Diagnostic and Modifier codes,
  • Plus, estimating coordination of benefits (enter the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary claims on an invoice and Noterro will then evaluate the estimated coverage based on those multiple claims).  

...all from within Noterro.

If your clinic doesn’t currently offer direct billing, this is a great time to start. Why? Because Noterro will now make it way easier to manage it. That means no more extra legwork for your patients because they won’t have to submit any paperwork to their insurance company.

And if you’re already used to submitting insurance claims for your patients, this update will allow you to manage the process from within Noterro.

So, your patient will have their bill sorted before they leave the office. If you can make your patient’s life easier, they’ll be way more likely to book that next appointment right then and there.

How do I get the new insurance feature?

You don’t have to do (or pay) anything extra to get started with insurance management. With a targeted release date for January 2021, insurance management will be included in your existing monthly Noterro subscription.

Really! Right now, insurance management will be offered as included in your subscription. That may change in the future, but only for new subscribers. Consider it a perk of being a longtime friend of Noterro.

Have we lost our minds? Has the generosity of the holiday season overcome us? Probably. But hey. We think your clinic is worth it. You have a clinic to run and Noterro has ALL the tools you need to take care of business without breaking the bank.

We know that insurance billing looks different depending on where your clinic is located. So, we’ll be rolling out some location-specific features too.

COMING SOON for Canadian Users 🇨🇦

TELUS Health eClaims will soon be integrated with Noterro. And your clients will love you for it.

Seamless access to eClaims directly from the Noterro platform means you can submit insurance claims electronically without having to enter the information twice. That’s right. No more double entries.

Other eClaims benefits:

  • Could reduce your patients out of pocket expenses1 by only paying for the portion not covered by their insurer.
  • Cuts down on the hassle of insurance paperwork
  • Reduce your paper consumption and add eClaims to the ways you are doing your part for the environment.
  • Gives you extra visibility - eClaims enabled providers are listed on a search tool that was used over 40,000 times last year.

1All features, functions, eligible professions and related benefits that allow a customer to pay only the portion not covered by its insurer are inherent to the TELUS Health eClaims platform, but may not be supported by all participating insurers.


  • The ability to do a Pre-determination Request to check what the coverage would be for a service, before you actually run the claim. (Great for communicating and setting expectations with the patient before their service begins, so there’s no surprises later.)

Exciting stuff, right? We’ll be launching the TELUS Health eClaims integration a few months after the insurance management feature launches. In the meantime, you can learn more about how eClaims can benefit your practice here.

COMING SOON for American Users 🇺🇸

In the works for American practitioners: Noterro will soon be able to generate pre-filled CMS-1500 forms for you.

Planned for the initial release:

  • Superbills

Coming shortly after initial release:

  • CMS-1500
  • Clearinghouse integration with OfficeAlly.

Submitting claims the American way has never been simpler. Keep your eyes peeled for future update announcements to find out when this feature is available.

International Users 🌐

We haven’t forgotten about our friends in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries! We’d love to hear about what you need to fulfill insurance requirements in your country, so we can help you run a better practice.

Send us an email and let us know what Noterro can do to make submitting insurance claims in your country easier.

Noterro really is a no-brainer.

Excuse the humblebrag, but with functionality this comprehensive at a price that can’t be beat, how can you not use Noterro! Right? Exactly.

We’re so excited about launching this. We hope you’re looking forward to it too!

Your Noterro Team

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