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Considering Pediatric Massage? Know Your Facts First

December 12, 2018

Children are different from adults in numerous ways, and as such, so is the pediatric massage practice.


Benefits of Pediatric Massage


Massage can promote relaxation, encourage sleep, growth and brainwave activity. Massage can also be used to reduce the discomforts of teething, colic and gas; regulate breathing and heart rate; and help develop the digestive and immune systems.

Massage also serves to comfort and give physical reassurance and self-esteem. A child’s first emotional bonds are built from physical comfort, which will lay the foundation for further emotional growth and intellectual development.


Pediatric Massage Training


Further training and education is required to feel fully confident providing pediatric massage. Neither standard medical training, nor massage therapy education, provides health care professionals the customized training necessary to best serve this population.

Children have different physical, emotional and developmental needs than adults, and pediatric massage therapy is designed to address these individual childhood considerations.


When Working with Children


It is imperative to establish clear boundaries and follow guidelines to ensure consistency in practice with each and every patient. When working with children you must:

  • Abide by professional massage standards.
  • Understand your scope of practice and always practice only within your scope.
  • Adhere to all rules, guidelines, policies and protocols of any facility, hospital or family home you are visiting.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all clients and their families.


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