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Defeat Lower Back Pain: 3 Tactics You Can Perform Right at Home!

November 9, 2015

For many massage-seeking clients, lower back pain is a common problem for which they want relief. It comes as no surprise why lower back pain is so common. Whether it’s sitting awkwardly at your desk all day or straining it by exercising improper lifting tactics, lower back pain can come easily, and it can come quickly. Since it’s so common, many massage therapists gear their practices toward this problem.


In just a moment, I will outline the four tactics to reduce back pain that you can do right at home while you’re waiting for your massage appointment.


1. Heat and Cold Therapy for Lower Back Pain Management


Apply a hot pack to your lower back (click here to learn how to make your own!), or soak in a hot bath. Heat dilates blood vessels and can calm back muscle spasms prior to deep tissue massage.


2. Strengthen Your Core: Exercises to Combat Lower Back Pain


Strengthen those weak muscles. A strong core can equalize the stresses of load-bearing. To strengthen your core, exercise using a stability, wobble board, Pilate’s and yoga.


3. Stretching Techniques to Ease Lower Back Pain


Tight back muscles, gluteal muscles and tight hamstrings or quadriceps can misalign your spinal column causing significant lower back pain. Stretching can improve your spine’s mobility and reduce pain.


Remember to consult with your Registered/Licenced Massage Therapist before trying any of these out.


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