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Give Your Furry Friend the Gift of Dog Massage

November 3, 2017

Benefits of Dog Massage Therapy

You might laugh and think it’s frivolous and for the ultra-pampered pets, but it might surprise you to know that animal massage has quickly become an accepted form of physical therapy for animals. Many people are interested to learn that massage has the same benefits for animals as it does for humans.


In a recently published article entitled, “Dog Massage is Therapeutic for Pooch and People,” author and expert, Dominic Cansdale, writes:


"They're typical techniques that we're using in the human world as well but they're adapting to the dogs. Whether it's post-operative, whether it's for relaxation or sports massage to keep them going throughout their sports career, it's no different for dogs,” adding that the practice is more than just a good pat.


“We have effleurage, compressions, kneading, cross-fibre racking, skin rolling, palm pushes, spasm release, trigger point—it sort of goes on,” he writes.


Massage affects the body in dynamic ways, and there are many reasons why you may choose massage therapy for your pet, and preventative care is a great reason. Massage should never replace your pet’s veterinarian, but rather be a complementary part of their health care.


Think of massage as “wellness therapy”—helping the body to stay healthy and heal itself naturally through a relaxing and loving experience.