How Colour Light Therapy Can Be Used with Massage

June 5, 2017
Ryan Barichello

Color light therapy, also called chromotherapy, is the therapeutic use of light to improve health and is re-emerging as an “old new age” therapeutic option embraced by some healthcare practitioners.


Proponents of color light therapy healing say it can help prepare a client’s body for massage, achieve more profound results and induce deeper levels of relaxation.


In a recently published article entitled, “Colour Light Therapy and Massage,” author and expert, Julianne Bien, writes:


“Electromagnetic circuitry and our internal communication system are highly affected by artificial light, which can minimize circulation in the body. Massage therapists are at the forefront of guiding people into a state of self-healing and rejuvenation by a multiple of disciplines,” adding that when you begin to understand the benefits of energy-based modalities such as color light therapy, this enhances the cascading effect of piezoelectricity and provides the body with vital information only color can offer.


Color combines both physiological and physical characteristics. The two most studied colors for treatment are blue and red light, and it has been established that red corresponds to the stimulating effect of the sympathetic nervous system, while blue affects the regenerating and relaxation of parasympathetic nervous system.


“Color light therapy helps to heal the body, mind and soul. Within all living organisms, information is communicated through color-coded broadcasts of faint light energy,” Bien writes. “All of us emit these broadcasts beneath our skin, which help maintain our natural and active state of rhythm. To have balance, there must be light—and without light, there would be no life.”


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