How Facial Massage Can Leave Your Skin Glowing

February 1, 2016

Why Facial Massage is the Best Skin Regime


You’d be surprised to know that a facial massage not only makes your face glow, but your entire body. A massage stimulates the muscles and lymphatic system, which means every area of the body responds to the healing hands of facial massage.


In an article entitled “Best Ever Skin: The Benefits of Facial Massage” that was recently published in the Telegraph, author Clare Coulson interviews two skincare experts, Beata Aleksandrowicz and Alexandra Soveral, who give us the inside on the benefits of facial massage. “We have 300 pressure points on the face, which relate to every part of the body, so when you have a good face massage you impact every organ. It makes the face glow and takes the tiredness and sluggishness away,” says Aleksandrowicz.


Essential Oils Help To Complement The Glow That Comes With Facial Massage


Alexandra Soveral is a facialist, and has her own range of organic skincare products. She suggests that essential oils not only complement facial massage, but are necessary for healthy skin.


“A good facial oil is not easy to formulate. There are many substandard oils, which tend to be greasy, clog up pores and lead to breakouts. Good oils deliver essential fatty acids and a multitude of readily absorbed vitamins and antioxidants, all in their natural state. It's like superfood for the skin,” says Soveral.


She suggests that you stop touching your skin, and to throw away all magnifying mirrors.


“Don't touch your face while surfing online, reading, driving or watching television. The only time you should touch your face is when doing your daily beauty routine. Break the habit and many skin problems will magically disappear.”


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