Massage Therapy For Your Aging Dog

January 11, 2016
Ryan Barichello

Massage Therapy Can Help Aging Dogs That Suffer From Arthritis Pain


Dogs that suffer from arthritis may endure relentless pain in their joints specifically the hips, lower spine and knees, and, less severely, to the elbows and shoulders. But regular massage therapy — just a few minutes a day — can both help ease the pain and also slow the degenerative process that comes with arthritis.


All You Need To Do Is Pet Your Beloved Best Friend, And Then Concentrate On Problem Areas


Langley Cornwall, author of How To Massage An Arthritic Dog, describes the easy process:


“Start by lightly petting your dog all over, then slowly concentrate your efforts on the area you are about to massage. Continue to lightly stroke the area with very little pressure – this is called effleurage – which helps to increase circulation in the area,” she writes adding to then begin lightly kneading the tight muscles and rub your hands against your dog’s skin to create light friction which will loosen the tight muscle fibers and encourage deeper circulation. “Continue to alternate light kneading with light hand friction. About every 10 seconds, use light effleurage strokes to assist drainage. Avoid putting any direct pressure on the dog’s painful joints, but do work the area around the joints to stimulate circulation and drainage.”


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