Massage Therapy & Its Role in Nerve Tissue Health

June 5, 2020
Ryan Barichello

Nerves transmit messages or signals between the brain and the rest of the body. They can tell the muscles to move or let the brain know that there is pain or pressure. Those suffering from nerve injuries may experience pain relief from clinical massage therapy. That’s because massage therapy triggers an involuntary relaxation response from the nervous system. It causes your heart and breathing rates to slow down, and your blood pressure and stress hormones to decrease.Symptoms of nerve damage may cause a great deal of difficulty in patients’ lives.Don't miss why Massage Therapists Should Be Experts in Managing Pain.

How Massage Therapy benefits Nerve Tissue Health?

When these things occur, pain can lessen. Massage benefits include improving circulation, relaxing tight muscles that could be encroaching on nerves and increasing endorphins.A combination of light strokes, kneading, and light pressure will test the patient’s pain tolerance and increase blood flow and circulation. With regular adherence to massage therapy treatment, patients with numbness and tingling sensations may find their pain tolerance has increased.With regular, hourlong therapy sessions conducted by a professional massage therapist, neuropathy patients may see improvements in areas once affected by nerve damage. They may also experience gradual relief from sensations caused by nerve damage.

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