pay using web portal app

Patients can now review and pay invoices from your Web Portal & App!

April 26, 2023
patient invoices pay

Invoices can now be
shared in the web portal

Invoices will no longer get lost among the emails in your patient's inbox. The web portal offers a clear hub for invoices, with options to view, download, and pay.

See patient & insurer balances

Your patients will have clarity on invoice statuses and balances. They'll also see a distinction between amounts owing from insurers.

make payment

Familiar payment methods

Making a payment on an invoice uses the same steps as the appointment booking process. This helps keep things simple and intuitive for everyone.


Other worthy mentions

  • Link to Invoice in Portal is now a variable available to place on your Invoice Notification template.
  • Breaks now show a history of changes made to it, similar to the history of changes made to an appointment.
  • The Accounts Receivable report now allows you to click on individual values to see which invoices contribute to that value.
  • Various minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

Verified by Nick Gabriele.