Massage Therapy Can Help Make the Recovery Process Easier

October 10, 2017
Ryan Barichello

Recovery is a process, and a difficult one. Often, the client cannot even articulate what is going on. Because massage is not a talk therapy, it can meet them wherever they are, even if they don’t have the skills to tell the massage therapist.


In a recently-published article entitled, “Massage Helps Addicts Rebuild Shattered Lives,” author and expert, Phyllis Hanlon, writes:


“Treatment trends for addiction have taken a decidedly holistic path in recent years, according to Daniel Gatlin, Ph.D., who as of this writing was clinical director of Renaissance Malibu Holistic Treatment Center in California, a substance-abuse treatment center,” adding that, he said that previous therapy included attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, lectures and group sessions.


“But addiction affects all aspects of a person—mind, body, spirit,” he said. “You need a program to deal with how the individual has been functioning. Many are disconnected from their bodies and in a toxic state, depending on the degree of deterioration,” she writes.


Massage, which has been proven to increase dopamine and serotonin, and decrease cortisol, can help those in recovery.


“Recent studies have found that the addition of massage to a standard treatment program reduces anxiety and promotes behavioral change. Patty Hall, who as of this writing was manager of Hazelden’s Wellness and Related Services department, emphasized the ability of massage to calm the body and help people ‘deal with life on life’s terms’,” Hanlon writes.


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