Square Terminal

Square Terminal is now integrated with Noterro!

May 9, 2023

square terminal integration

Get paid in more ways

Square Terminals will be found in your payment methods. This offers a quick, easy way for your patients to tap credit and debit cards.

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Debit made easy

Offer more integrated ways of collecting payment, including debit!

credit card

Quickly add and manage your devices

Within your settings, we've made it easy to pair, organize, and manage your Square Terminals.

multi clinic healthcare software

Other worthy mentions

  • 🇬🇧 SMS messages delivered to UK numbers now come from a UK number!
  • Insurance policies listed on the patient profiles now shows more details about the policy and claims.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Assistants (with appropriate permissions) to create Packages & Memberships for patients.
  • Fixed an issue where Square in person payments were not working.
  • Minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

Verified by Nick Gabriele.