Swedish Massage Can Reduce Post-Exercise Inflammation

February 16, 2016
Ryan Barichello

The Effects of Swedish Massage on Exertion-Induced Muscle Injury


If you’re one that exercises regularly, perhaps you’re familiar with the soreness inherent in such exertion. Massage therapy is commonly used following physical exertion to manage soreness and promote healing.


In a recent article published in Massage Today, a Massage Therapy Foundation Contributor writes, “Physical exercise often results in microscopic muscle injury with its associated soreness, decreased range of motion, pain, and inflammation, particularly with high force or repetitive muscle contractions.”


Swedish massage, particularly, can prove to be an effective massage therapy method that can help to reduce post-exercise inflammation.


“Massage therapy may be an effective treatment for exercise-induced injury and is often recommended. Recent research studies have shown that massage may contribute to a reduction of post-exercise inflammation,” the author writes.


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