The Benefits of Assisted Stretch and Massage

June 25, 2019

Assisted stretch helps keep your body working by improving muscle function while decreasing nerve sensitivity.

Stretching our bodies is an important part of staying healthy. But the importance can be easily forgotten, especially when the results are often not as visible as weight lifting or as spectacular as crossing the finish line. But the benefits of a good stretch can do as much to benefit your overall health and well-being as regular exercise and a healthful diet.

Stretch therapy is a series of customized stretches that lengthen and move muscles and joints. Specially trained massage therapists work with people of all fitness levels during a total body stretching session.

Stretching has benefits similar to massages. It gets the blood flowing to overactive muscles that have contracted because of stress or immobility. Without a good stretch, these muscles can spasm and shut down-and then show up as the marblelike knots that get extra attention from your massage therapist.

Working with a therapist for a total body stretch is the best way to ensure all areas get a good stretch. This form of stretch therapy can equal and even surpass the feelings of deep relaxation and rejuvenation that one feels after a deep tissue massage.

In addition to alleviating strain on your joints, stretch massage has other benefits, including:



 - Enhanced flexibility

 - Improved posture

- Increased range of motion

- Better circulation

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