The Best Method For Treating Neck Injuries

October 10, 2017

Regular massage therapy helps keep your entire body free of pain. When you're suffering from neck pain in particular, the massage will focus first on your shoulders and upper back. Massage of the neck itself may exacerbate symptoms at first, but gentle massage of the arms, chest, legs and back proves to reduce pain in the neck.


In a recently-published article entitled, “A Guaranteed Method for Treating Neck Injuries,” author and expert, George Kousaleos, writes:


“The neck is often used as a metaphor to demonstrate physical characteristics or variables of the human condition. The stubbornness of a “bull neck” or the beauty of a “swan neck” are easily perceived, as the neck is one of the most important and distinguishable regions of the human body,” adding that the neck has multiple responsibilities, including support for the head and face, and coordination of movement between the cranium and thorax.


“It houses the cervical portion of the spinal cord, seven delicate vertebras, the esophagus, major arteries and veins, lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, myriad muscles, and dense, fibrous connective tissue that wraps, envelopes and connects all of its components,” he writes.


As massage therapists quickly learn, pain in the neck and neck injury affects thousands of people each day. Indeed, neck and back pain are often the two most common complaints by those who suffer soft-tissue injuries and seek massage therapy as a primary treatment.


Along with relieving neck pain, receiving massage on a regular basis helps keep all your joints limber, which reduces your chances of pulling a muscle. It also improves your posture and flexibility, increases range of motion, lowers blood pressure and heart rate,encourages relaxation and relieves stress.


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