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Why You Should Not Ignore Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain

March 3, 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Simply Shrug Off Chronic Pain


Any massage therapist will tell you that muscle and joint pain, of any type, is not good; and that goes double for chronic pain.


Amish Patel, who specializes in rehabilitation and orthopaedic services, and author of  “3 Reasons Why People Live With Chronic Pain And 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t”, suggests that we all too often ignore pain, shrugging it off as if it’s something fleeting, but it’s certainly not something we should disregard.


Compelling Reasons to Address & Fix Nagging Injuries:

“The nagging injury – one of those things we often accept as absolute fact and inaccurately deem are unchangeable,” he writes, adding that some of us embraces a culture that just accepts things, and are unmotivated to make their lives easier.


“Ever come across statements like: ‘Oh, my back pain. I’ve had that for years.’ ‘My doctor told me it was arthritis and to let nature run its course.’ ‘Yes it hurts when I go up and down the stairs, but what other choice do I have?’” she writes, adding, “ Why aren’t we diligent in fixing the problems we have in our body?”


Here are 3 major reasons to why you want to address your nagging injuries and fix them:

  • Family time (You want to run around with your grandchildren!)
  • Vacations and hobbies (You want to have fun on that excursion or experience those things in your retired life that you didn’t have time for in your younger life!)
  • Medications (You don’t want to be dependent on unnecessary chemicals in your body!)


Massage therapy can help to rectify your chronic pain. All you need to do is consult with a massage therapist to see what treatment best suits you.