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Noterro Forms & Form Automation - Released

May 18, 2021

There are 8 question types in Noterro's Form builder. You have the ability to get responses in short sentences, longer paragraphs, multiple choice, or dates and ranges - ultimately helping patients get better treatment.

Form automation & insurance

Ultimate flexibilityWith Forms, you now have more control than ever over what information you're asking your patients. That means you can start each appointment with all the details you need.

Noterro Forms have arrived!  

Jam packed with new functionality, Forms is the successor to Intake Forms.  No action is needed on your part, we've already converted your Intake Forms to Forms.Noterro can automatically attach Forms to appointments upon booking, then either send the form immediately or with the appointment reminder.  Forms also play well with insurance.  If a patient fills in new insurance information, Forms can automatically add a new insurance policy to their patient profile.

Your questions. Answered the way you need.

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