Crash Course: How Massage Can Reduce Post-Run Pain

December 6, 2019

Post race massage is essentially given to soothe and repair damage


From a very hard, prolonged effort and reduce inflammation from several minutes or several hours of racing in one day. Post workout massage is more about quick recovery so you can run hard the next day, week and month; basically throughout your training period, and remain injury free.


What massage does is apply moving pressure to muscles and other tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and fascia. That's especially great news for runners, who rely on limber joints and muscles for pain-free peak performance.


Post workout massage is not without its dangers 


There is a fine line between receiving a recovery massage and causing damage to muscle and tissue that has been worked hard and needs a gentle touch and special care.


As a massage therapist, you should avoid applying too much pressure immediately post workout as this can end up lengthening healing time and increasing soreness.


Communication is key


After a race or workout, you should talk with the athlete, and using touch, you will determine the state of the muscle and if it's best to use light strokes or deep-tissue techniques to treat an athlete in a safe and productive way.


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